Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lady of the daisies

I have a good friend who is always my "museum date". Whenever there is a cool exhibit, preferably a fashion exhibit, we always go together. It really became a sort of a tradition of ours. 
So yesterday was that day. we set the date about a month ago and there was something fun to look forward to. 
This time we went to see the amazing exhibit of swim suits made by Lea Gottlieb.
Unfortunately Lea passed away in 2012 but she left behind an amazing lifetime achievement and a huge collection of astounding bathing suits and beach wear.

some of her amazing inspiration boards
and sketches

Today I learned that Lea always picked a theme to inspire a collection and named it accordingly.
Here are a few of my favorites:

Csardas Collection 1991:

Casablanca collection 1995:

Jerusalem of gold 1992:

Op art collection 1991:

Claude Monet collection 1993/1997:

 Marc Chagall collection 1997: 


Lea in action

I was very fortunate to work in the dressing room of one of her fashion shows back in 2008 and actually see her amazing work up close and on the runway

Have an amazing week!!


  1. Very Interesting!! Thank you Moriah for telling us about the exhibit

  2. I am SOOO in love with the daisy swim suits (if that's what they are) Ugh, I totally want to have it!!! Loving your blog girl!!!

    xx (◕‿◕✿)