Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Bunny's day off

I was honored to be invited to a wonderful cause by a few wonderful Israeli bloggers. They called this cause "A bunny's day off". Only today, The bunnies can take a breath and not be tortured in order for us to be pretty. I must admit, some of my own products are not cruelty free but I will try to be better in the future cause this little guy is just too cute!

I myself once had a Rabbit. His name was Roger :) Roger rabbit- got it?  but that's off topic. 
Today I will share with you a few great products I use that ARE bunny friendly:

Bath & Body works:
I'm a sucker for anything that smells like vanilla, coconut or fruit. the sweeter it smells the more I love it! That's why Bath & body works body lotion has been my only lotion for years now. They always have special editions and holiday treats that I never get the chance to get bored with one scent before I can try out another AND they always have the best deals  (buy 3 get 2 for free). Lucky enough, My father goes to visit his family in NY at least once a year so he already knows to leave some room in his suitcase for my yearly stock up :)

 These cute anti-Bacterial hand gels cost only 1.75$ (!!), they've lasted me since 2010 and they smell like heaven in a bottle! 

To check out their cruelty free products just go here: 
It's a girls wonderland! 

Burt's bees:
 Since I was a little girl I've suffered from chapped lips. Summer or winter, day or night, it doesn't matter! If I don't have my lip balm with me I can just go crazy! Sometimes I will only use it once or twice a day but just knowing it's there by my side gives me comfort. 
This specific lip balm also has a tad of redness to it. just enough to look as if I just sipped on a glass of wine :) that's all the red I need on a work day.

To check out their cruelty free products just go here:

Show me a girls that doesn't like her colorful nails? Well NOT ME :) 
I'm not very patient for doing them on my own and once I finally get the nail polish on, it will take around 2 months to get me to sit down and scrub it off... BUT- saying all that, I love my nail polish bright, colorful, glittery and fun! 
Jade's original prices are usually really high but every time I go to the local pharm store they're on sale. sometimes up to 80% off! 

Anything that comes from the dead sea is automatically a favorite! I love the dead sea and I love my skin after the dead sea. Unfortunately I now live a few hours further away from the dead sea (apposed to growing up in Jerusalem and being able to just spontaneously drive there in 30 minutes) So I found this Salt that gives my skin the closest feeling to the real thing. It is very strong so I only use it once or twice a week in the shower, but when I use it my skin just feels like a baby's butt. And I love it!

 To check out more cruelty free products from the lowest place on earth just go here:

As I started getting older I realized my face skin won't look 21 forever.. So I started using eye cream. 
I hate having a sticky moist feeling of cream on my face, especially in the summer time. It just feels horrible to sweat over your eyelids. This is where premier came into my life. It gave me the solution for everything I was looking for in an eye cream. Lightness, and on the other hand no wrinkles around my eyes! yay! I can look young for just a bit longer :) and of course it is another Dead sea product company which gives it a few more points in favor.
and look how handsome the container is?!

To check out more cruelty free products from the lowest place on earth just go here:

I have many good memories from living at home with my parents, but one very strong one is of my mom taking off her rings and putting on hand cream. Several times a day. It is very dry in Jerusalem and the feeling of dry hands drove her crazy. I always hated the moist feeling on my hands before going to school and playing in the sand... I never understood it.. but now, when i'm so close to 30, I must say I have the same symptoms.. Dry hands OUT, moist soft vanilla scented hands IN! 
I must say I tried many different products from Laline and never realy liked them. But the only one I stick to obsessively is their hand cream. It is the perfect thickness and it is the perfect vanilla! I just can't stop sniffing my hands  after putting it on. YUM!

If you do feel like giving them a try check out their cruelty free products here:

If you want to check if your favorite products are cruelty free just click here:  
http://nottested.co.uk/Toiletries.html and give this little guy another fun day off :)


  1. so wonderfull! writen so well and just a Pleasure. :-) thank you!


  2. היי, עוד מעריצה של באת' אנד בודי וורקס ולקים של ג'ייד, את בחברה טובה :P
    פוסט מעולה!