Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ugly duckling in da house

This is , again, a favorite designer. Swim suit designer. My 2 last swim suits were by her, and i don't see my self buying one from anyone else any time soon. As a retro lover, i feel that her designs are exactly what i always looked for. Her swim suits are the most comfortable, beautiful and flattering I've ever owned.

Three Ugly ducklings :)
All by Gal Angel

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's getting hot in here

So summer's here and it's on full blast. I used to love summer as a girl in dry high Jerusalem, but now i hate it's guts! the humidity kills me very very slowly every single day. So since my job doesn't allow me to sit in an air conditioned room all day long, sometimes all i can handle wearing is a pear of loose shorts and a tank top that reminds me of a cool breezy pool I'd love to dive into  :)

Great day for a green skirt

I don't even remember where or when i got this skirt, but i absolutely love it. I had to fix it here and there to make it perfect.  The tank top is from "alef-alef" and the shoes- Melissa.. OOHhh melissa :)

RED. just red

Monday, June 25, 2012

Malinca my LOVE

This amazing purse in my hand is made by one of the most talented girls i've ever met: Mali Hollander for "Malinca" . she came up with this amazing technic of making the material for her designs. just JENIOUS! her things are so colorful that it took me a few months to decide which color will join my purse collection. I'm sure i will own a few other colors in the future.
The shoes are by "shani bar". another Favorite :)

Rhus Ovata

This is one of my favorite dresses in my closet. Unfortunately i could only afford it when the label closed and had a crazy sale on their designs. good news though! the sister designers are back with a new brand and they have new amazing things to drool on.
The purse in both pictures is from "medusa". I think I've mentioned before how much i love them...
The Bottom photo is from Tel-Aviv fashion week 2011

Sunday, June 24, 2012

MDNA concert

This is what i wore to Madonna. our tickets were on the grass and i figured i needed to be cute but comfy since i might get beer spilled on me (which i of course did) and might get stepped on (damn did!!)  so this is what i came up with.

We luv stripes

my Cute husband and I both wore striped T's :)

It's wedding time! again

Linor's wedding. this was my outfit. the dress was designed by me and it's available here

Yula skirt designed by me

I wore this on a noon event. the skirt is available here.
I must add that my purse was actually floral and added the perfect amount of color to the outfit but unfortunatly it wasn't cought on camera. 

tea, tulips and medusa

I got this dress online from a cute blogger that also sells clothes. her shop is called tea & tulips. i thought that was cute :)
and the bag is from the oh so amazing "Medusa" gals. love medusa. love the designers.

Black and white

I got this dress for 10 Shekels (!!!) and i'm just inlove with it... there is no hem and the side stitches are all open and undone, but for some reason i'm putting off fixing it and i still wear it ALLOT!

A dress for a day on a yacht

I got this dress in a vintage store in Boston about 8 years ago and i can never get enough of it.

candy colored polka dots

and some red shoes by "roni kantor" to go with that :)

Pink "Ella" dress

This dress is designed by me. sorry but it's sold out :)

That skirt again... and again...

Made by Hadas Kolodney

just a colorful post

The day Yael got married

 The day my lovely friend Yael got married was a very special and exciting day. I designed her wedding dress and she looked amazing!! 

 And this is what i wore: (pink dress available here)

funky back packs

I have a secret love for funny backpacks and the lovely designer Neta lidor for "clemantina" has the perfect things to satisfy that desire of mine. she's the nicest person too :)  

HUGE fish bag

I got this hilarious fish bag on Asos. The size of it really surprized me when i got it. IT'S HUGE!! It's now my new beach bag


"Kululush" is one of my favourite jewelery brands, if not THE favourite one! The designer is also a dear friend and a very special person. I have so many different magical pieces from her collections. This is just an example. The day i wore it i got stopped by girls on the street at least 5 times. 

Hearts and lipstic

This skirt is designed by me and it's from last winters collection but i love wearing it in the summer as well. available here
the top is designed by me as well but it's long gone and sold out.


This summer i've had the crave for denim items.
In the bottom photo i'm wearing a DIY skirt that i once made out of a man's button down shirt :) cool ha?