Sunday, November 4, 2012

TLV fashion night out

Last week was TLV fashion night out. There was a small fashion show that took place in the "Helga designs" shop, and I had the honor of working behind the scenes in the dressing room. I must say my heart was pounding when I first walked in and saw the Prada outfits lined on the racks among other huge designers (miumiu, Victoria Beckham, Lanvin etc.). It felt unreal to touch them. 
The model I got to help was the amazing Natali Eidelman who also modeled for my F/W catalog last year. A fun addition to the night.
It was a fun and surreal evening. Maybe one day I'll be like one of these women who can afford to actually buy the items that were showing. 

I wore a dress by Nina Egly  from the NY based  "family affairs". A new favorite of mine

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