Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tel-Aviv Fashion week 2012

It seems that lately there are many fashion events. more than i'm used to attend that is for sure. 
I'm not complaining of course, it's great dressing all up, sipping on cava and hanging out with some girl friends. 
This week was Tel-Aviv fashion week. We attended 5 shows on the first day and 1 show on the second day. 
I have no intention on giving a fashion review here. I had a great time at the shows. of course there are always things you like better than others, but in general the atmosphere was fun and fashionable. There were plenty of  bloggers, journalists and photographers, local and international.  We got our pictures taken for different magazines and blogs and we even got to sit in the front row at one of the shows- yay :)

Outfit number 1:

Dress by me, Available here
Fiss & Mona

Tamar Primak for Ishtar

 Outfit number 2:
Jacket by me from last winter
Blouse by me available here. Dress: Asos, shoes: Irregular choice

Tamar Fiss in her amazing silk evening dress

Frau Blau
Front row photo

 Outfit number 3:
Dress and blouse by me

Hot mama fiss with her "mini me" Ella

Ido Recanati

That's it. now I'm home. Warm and cozy in my PJ's waiting to see what next time will bring. see you in 2013

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