Monday, March 24, 2014

Tel-Aviv Fashion week 2014. My favorite shows

Like every year, as soon as they published the Tel-Aviv fashion week schedule of 2014 I cleared my calender for that week and got my fashion week date, Tamar Fiss, ready and excited with me. 
We attended 15 shows this time. It was intense and tiring but also very special and exciting. 
I decided to share my favorite shows with you here. 

this show opened fashion week. Tamara went to the same school as I did which automatically made me very curious and somewhat proud about this show. The school I went to is not the main fashion school in Israel and some people look at me awkward when I tell them I didn't study at Shenkar.
Anyways I loved everything about this show. The romantic vintage collars she used, The flowy silhouettes, The music and the video of flowers in the back 
shot by: Inbal mermery

Daniella Lehavi:
This show was very emotional because the designer passed away just a few months ago. 
The new accessories collection had perfect colors and was so pretty. I really wanted everything on that runway.

This video staring Daniella's voice left no dry eye in the crowd


And this is what we wore on the first day:


We ran home, worked a little and changed for a few evening shows

Dorin Frankfurt:
I loved the colors, The comfy cuts and the styling. The whole show had a very Israeli down to earth feeling about it which is very correspondent with the designers patriotic agenda as she also gave away T-shirts with the print: "Designed and manufactured in Tel-Aviv". I can really relate to that since I too design and manufacture all my garments in tel-aviv and I know how hard it is.

And this is what we wore on the second day

At the sample show we got sweet little souvenirs. Actually the best gift I ever got at a fashion show.
It's a tiny sewing kit inside a chocolate egg. genious!

Nina was very curious about it

The comme il faut show was my favorite show. All I thought was how I want to save money this summer so I could afford the whole collection. The colors were perfect, the designs were perfect and they made many pinafores which are my weakness. They sent older women down the runway alongside to the models.  Amazing, beautiful and confident women that looked amazing wearing the collection.
The whole feel of the show was just amazing

shot by orit pnini

shot by orit pnini

Again, we ran home and changed for the evening shows

Shai Shalom made the most amazing coats!

Last but not least was the wonderful Gideon and Karen Oberson show
bright colors for beach wear are just enough to melt my heart

By the end of day 3 we were pretty exhausted...

 Caught on camera on the way home :)

See you next year

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New York Fashion week 2013 or The best 30th birthday EVER!

It's been exactly 10 days since I got back from one of the most exciting trips in my life. I guess that's the time I needed for the whole experience to sink in. Yes- I have been to NY Fashion week..I have been to NY Fashion week... I have been to NY Fashion week...

I cannot start telling the story without mentioning the suitcase incident.
I think it took me about 2 weeks to pack for this trip physically and about 2 months to pack mentally.  Each outfit for each day and event was thought through 10 times and I took 10 pairs of shoes. But the world had different plans for me.. Out of everyone traveling on our flight, I was one of the only 3 people who did not receive their suitcase. I have a fashion show to attend in a few hours and nothing to wear, no shoes, no make up, nothing to pull my hair up with NOTHING. 
Thank god NY is a second home for me and I have amazing friends and family who came to the rescue. 

So this was the feeling when I first arrived at the main tent in Lincoln center. 

 We met up with the amazing Ruth Finley who is the fashion week schedule girl (at 93) and she greeted us with 2 tickets to the Tadashi Shoji show. 

 Full of excitement from a wonderful start to this week, We then rushed downtown to the "Honor" show. This show was my favorite. It was held at a Gallery by the Hudson river and I had first row seats. The Clothes and Fabrics were dreamy though I had no battery on my phone so not many photos could be taken. 

And look who I ran into :) The lovely Erin of Calivintage who's been a virtual friend of mine for a while. Nothing could hide my excitement, not even my huge smile.

The next few days were full of shows and excitements. Running around the city I once lived in and love so much.

Academy of art University

A second after I was asked if I was wearing Jill Stuart :)

My beautiful partner and the reason for this amazing trip

Here I had the most amazing seats and I just couldn't stop snapping photos

This show was held at the Jewish museum and it was magnificent! And one of the three designers is Israeli :)

3D printer shoes

Samantha pleet- Arcadia movie screening and event:

The beautiful Liz of Olive my love, who has been a virtual friend for a while and I was lucky enough to meet her and spend some time with her. 

I also had a wonderful time visiting my favorite designer in NYC, Nina of Family affairs
We too have been virtual friends and it was so lovely to finally meet her in person.
(And try on her whole collection)

Last but not least was the dream come true visit to the Orla kiely shop in Soho. All i wanted was to see her things outside the computer and to feel the fabrics. And oh how amazing that was. 

I really must thank my great husband for making a long life dream of mine come true. He arranged everything and made this unbelievable trip an unforgettable one. I am a lucky girl.